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Modern fashion world: Harbor Yorkway, the brand inspired by New York

It's true what they say about fashion in New York City: the streets seem to be paved with runway outfits. Now, a German designer is bringing some of that iconic Big Apple style to Europe with a brand that's as modern and sophisticated as the city itself. We're talking about Harbor Yorkway, a brand inspired by the streets of New York City designed to keep up with the hottest brands out there... Read on to learn more about Harbor Yorkway and get inspired by New York streetstyle.



Harbor Yorkway is a fashion brand based in Germany. This label was inspired by a love of fashion and specifically for New York. The brand is named after a fictional city based on New York City. 



My name is Sebastian Stratman. I am a German fashion designer. My brand is called Harbor Yorkway. I've always admired how people in New York live with so much style and flair: And I want to bring that to Germany. The designs offered reflect what we see in each location - street styles as well as runway trends - often inspired by multiple regions such as Downtown Manhattan, Upper East Side or Williamsburg

Harbor Yorkway's mission is to bring out the essence of New York and let people take their piece of New York home with them.

What does Harbor Yorkway stand for? A city of dreams for those who have always craved the West Coast lifestyle but have not been able to move there or have had the desire to experience it from time to time.



  • The finishing of the textiles takes place here in Germany

  • I create every design myself, without being influenced by trends or collections from other designers, so that I always remain authentic

  • It's important to me that everyone feels confident and stylish in one of my designs.

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